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Printer Offline Error

Frustration is needing a printed copy of my Nano, getting the first two day's worth to print, but not the third.

I'd installed the new HP drivers, so when I couldn't print at first, I went into the system preferences and found the correct driver, printed out two documents, and got the same "Printer offline." error I had before I'd printed any of it. So, back through the steps. Shut the printer off. Reinstalled the driver. No go.

Shut down the printer. Shut down the computer. Opened ONLY Pages (program where the document is) and tried again. It looked like a go, sent off, then back came "Printer offline."

I played the insert/remove cable endings game both at the dock with the printer and my Mac - no change.

Do I need to replace the cable? Or is there a simpler thing I'm overlooking?
Tags: computer woes
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