pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Inconsistent Weight Loss

Down to 208 today...

The problem seems to be TRIPS TO TOWN. Last Friday, before breakfast, I took a cat, Jabberwock, to the vet's. The actual time working on the cat was under 10 minutes, so I should have been home in plenty of time to eat breakfast. (34 mile round trip...) BUT, the vet needed to rule out feline lukemia. The blood draw was done, and by 11:30, the results were back. Oops! Lack of sugar response.... So, it was grab a hoagie at Hy Vee (not even any fast food places in that town.) Well, I don't need to tell you what kind of mayham 1/2 of a hoagie can cause even when you TAKE THE DROPS on time!

The good side of it all is that Jabberwock's medicine seems to be working. That cat hates, hates, hates taking it, and is an excellent fighter (one full dose deposited just below the light switch on the wall by the sink where I do the foul deed, another half dose on the floor, bits of the sticky stuff in the BACK of my hair, and a drop on the toilet paper out of six attempts to dose him... ) but he's keeping his food down successfully.

I didn't do an apple day to make up for the hoagie, as I'd bought four boxes of fresh raspberries (unavailable for over a month unless I drove to towns 50-100 mile round trips away), and I didn't want them to spoil before I got them eaten.

I have no more visiting relatives, weddings, etc. scheduled, so following the routine successfully ought to happen, in theory, at any rate... :-)
Tags: cat, diet

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