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Electric Response

Sunday night, when I went to the bathroom, book in hand, I had such a severe brown out that reading was impossible. Later on, both the bedroom and bath were totally off. I used the "guest" bathroom, but it was by then in a brown out condition. The radio was turning on when a trickle of electricity would get through, so about 2 am, on the third "jerk awake" response (it was my alarm for years...) I unplugged it completely. I'd think, on, that erratic power serge is over, and reset the microwave... minutes later, it would again blink at me, or be clear dark.

I called the electrician, but got no answer... Sunday evening is NOT a prime time for catching working folk at home/available.

I called again nearing 8-ish, and before nine, LW came, isolating the problem at once - one half of the box on the pole was only semi-operational. He speculated that sun damage had warped the lid enough that water could leak in.

(I had the same problem with water damage after heat warped the phone box on the back porch a few years ago. It took the phone company man four trips to find and repair the damage. Fortunately, Larry got it in one.) Larry took off to drive into Lockridge Lumber and buy a replacement part still before 9. He called to let me know when he was going to shut down the electricity totally so he could install it around 10ish.

I was lying in bed under the covers in a heavy shirt over the well-worn 50¢ garage sale T-shirt I'd donned that morning, and jeans, thinking that maybe I was going to have to do an apple day by electrical default when the phone, fridge and freezer kicked in.

He had everything up and running before 10:30.

I had my egg cooked and on my slice of toast by the time he knocked on the door, bringing up the old part, which was so water damaged that it looked like something out of an old movie.

Whatever I owe him for this is well worth it. Good guy. I told him how much I appreciated him coming so promptly, and he commented that his wife had caught him before he got very far away. I'm not sure what job he was SUPPOSED to be doing, but I really am thankful he moved me up in priority.

He installed the new box originally when the trailer came in Sept. of 1995.

Nothing lasts forever.
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