pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The Missing Plate

I have been on a diet since 6/14 that really seems to work. I have lost 26 pounds since then, -- not earth-shattering, but better than most. The routine is quite strict: everything must be weighed. I have a tiny $5 Wal Mart el cheap-o kitchen scale that my sister mailed to me when I could not locate one locally. It has fallen apart three times, but so far, I've been able to piece it back together and get it to work. (How accurately? ¿Quién sabe?) I've learned to use a light weight plate to measure larger things than the pedestal will normally accommodate. Yesterday, I misplaced the plate...

I looked everywhere I could think of, then finally got a big heavy one from the cabinet. Sure enough, meat and plate proved to be too much weight for the little scale to manage. I finally took the plastic top of a Hy Vee Country Potato Salad container, washed the cat hair off it, adjusted the 0 point on the scale to disallow the weight of the top, then weighed the meat easily. I went to microwave the heavy plateful of meat, topped with a plastic cover that originally enclosed a Hy Vee whole barbecued chicken... and found the plate, along with my lunch, uneaten.

I do remember thinking, when I felt hunger pangs at 3:00, that I hadn't felt hungry before since starting on this diet, and mentally reviewed what I'd prepared so far for the day... but even THAT much thought was not enough to cause me to realize that preparing food is not quite the same as consuming it...

A quick call to my diet guru LH revealed that, yes, I really did have to eat both lunch and dinner's full meals, and be done before midnight. (I finished the 107 oz. of water about 12:30, stuffed to the gills, and called it good.)

In my dreams, I kept doing calisthenics... :-(
Tags: daily life
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