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The Missing Plate Mystery, Part II

Today I was at 211 on the new scale my sister found for $10.00 and mailed to me for $7 something. I adjusted the 0 point and was 214, same as on the old one. I trickled a bit (color in the stool not even tinged, it was such a small amount) and reweighed. 219... Still 214 on the old scale (I used both scales all three times...)

So, I am assuming I'm REALLY still 214 (and would be up 7 lbs. if I weighed at the doctor's office). I plan to do it on my trip to town tomorrow. [I wore out last week before I got around to it. (That was the day I had to drive back home for the cat to keep the vet appointment and left again right off, after SS loaded the cat and five kittens into the car for me. I wanted to get back before she left, but didn't make it.)]

This morning, I LOST MY PLATE again. After I talked to my sister for a bit, I took the beep in (call waiting). It was SC, asking when she and "my Ed" come next Wednesday, her dog would also be welcome. I needed to go eat that pork chop, bean sprouts and salad. All I'd eaten before I called my sister was the canned peach slice equivalent to a full peach with the dab of cottage cheese on it. [I'm getting expert at visualizing how cut up pieces would fit together to decide how many slices would form an entire peach...]

My sister hung up at 9:00. I got to the by then cold pork chops by 9:30. The celery I'd chopped and put in the metal bowl (the one my sister had used to show me the level I needed to fill it to for the right amount of salad when she and her granddaughter were here) had dried out. I put that entire bowl into the 5 pound chocolate ice cream container and snapped the lid on while I deboned and defatted both Iowa chops, weighing the pieces in the PLATE I'D JUST WASHED from the hamburger/mushroom/tomato sauce/onion flake concoction and separated the romaine from the stems and pieces with black on them. I was definitely NOT HUNGRY.

Six ounces of pork took the bits and pieces of both huge Iowa chops, the center piece of one, and bits and pieces of the other. It was cold and greasy by then, and I was decidedly not hot to eat what is normally one of my favorite meals. I opened a can of bean sprouts (one of two undented the local grocery had after I requested it), measured it into my blue one cup measure, dumped it onto the plate with the pork, and popped it into the microwave.

Removing the salad from the ice cream pail, I filled the bowl with the sorted good bits of romaine hearts, but did not stir up. As I ate, I would mix bean sprouts, a bite of pork, and romaine. By the time I was 3/4 done, I'd decided I liked the taste combination. But it was getting cold, which was less than appetizing.

I rewarmed the last of the pork chop and bean sprouts in the fry pan with the droppings and butter residue from cooking the two Iowa chops. By 10:30, I was done. There was a butter/pork juice/bean sprout liquid residue on the plate, so I put it on the floor for Two Faced, who obliged enthusiastically.

This morning, as I was cooking the egg, I put the heel of the last of the 25 slices of the Sara Lee 45 Calorie & Delightful bread into the toaster. Since it was in two pieces, when it popped up, only the big slice came out. I unplugged the toaster and went after the little piece. I had crumbs all over the counter by the time I'd fished it out, in three pieces. I added the yoke to the now lightly cooked whites, put the lid on the pan to heat it up quickly, still keeping it liquid, and filled my pink "weigh the ice water" glass. No blue "weigh the meat/veggies" plate in the drainer...

I checked both bathrooms (I did NOT remember carrying the plate anyplace, much less the bath room, but that IS a place with enough flat area to accommodate a plate...) I'd sat down to be at eye level with the scale on the counter to weigh the ice water when I turned around to survey the kitchen, looking for the plate. Under the center of the dining room table, I spied the plate Two Faced had cleaned off so diligently late last night...

Ah, the lost was found. At least this time, *I* didn't hide it from myself!
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