pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Two Faced and Kittens to Vet's

Would you believe, I'm SO ABSENTMINDED that I went out to the car to bring in the cat crate, walked around to the far side of the car, opened the back door, then thought, "I don't want to put my purse in the back seat", shut the door and drove to the Post Office, the first errand on my list.

I noted the missing cat, waited through several other customers, FORGOT ABOUT GETTING THE CAT again, and was in the courthouse before I thought of it again.

I drove home. I called the vet at 10 before three, only to be told that I was NOT ON THE LIST, but that they could see her anyway. They'd written me down for Thursday, even though I'd told the gal I'd be in town on FRIDAY.

When I got home, SS's red car was right in the middle of the drive and she was busily chopping the Canadian thistles. (She's a neighbor's sixteen-year-old daughter who's been doing some of the work my knees really object to this summer.)

She carried the crate with Two Faced and all five kittens to the car for me.

Reaching into the crate and removing all five kittens, I asked the vet to sex them. Two Faced hugged the back wall and allowed all five to be handled without a problem. (They are a week old today). The vet says I have FOUR males and ONE female... Footloose.

Francine (Fantasy) would have wound up Frank, I guess... LOL! She also said it was extremely hard to sex kittens that young. Footloose has a visible slit, so not only does the color say she's female, but also the details. I guess I should have used the full page magnifying glass my Raleigh sister BW sent me to tell!

Finally, I reached in and pried Two Faced off the back wall, replaced the kittens and rubbed her while she got her shots. She was perfect, allowing her ears handled, taking both shots flinchlessly. When I released her, she bolted for the crate.

She spent yesterday locked with the kittens in the utility room, as she kept moving them into my bookcase in the bedroom, then when I closed that door, onto the bottom of the sheet I've got hung as a backdrop for the next photo op - which I planned to do today... It won't happen until tomorrow, now.

Since we got back, she has not tried to move them once. She leaves the igloo freely, but is leaving the kittens in place.

Trainable cats? Hard to believe... Tonight, I'll probably sleep through her moving them back into the bookcase.
Tags: animal antics

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