pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

“You Can’t Fix 'Stupid'” Entry

Hy Vee tale. I went to the bigger store in Centerville Saturday afternoon, [50 mile round trip] (forgot to get my Claussen's dill pickles), and got highly irritated at the meat man's total incompetence.

I asked for sirloin.

"We don't have any."

I spotted fillet minion. The price was $10 something a pound on the label in front of the meat. I ordered three, which I figured would be one meal at 6 oz. per protein chunk... not sure how the two @.39 of a pound and one at .25 would convert to ounces.

As the clerk was weighing up the meat, I read "bacon-wrapped" sirloin tenderloin on the strip moving along the front of the machine. I stopped him, explaining that he was using the wrong price. ($6.99 per pound) He fumbled around, got out another label, said they were mixed up... A former student came up and we began to talk while he wrapped my three packs individually.

As I walked by the pre-wrapped counter, I spotted four packs of the sirloin they "didn't have". I bought three of them, then saw him walking past, so I stopped and pointed out the sirloin. He blushed and said he didn't know they had it.

When I got home, I'd paid $1.61 for .39 oz. of fillet minion, masquerading as "Amana beef chuck boneless arm roast", [$4.45 total for the three packs of fillet minion...]. As it turns out, the store would have been better off had I *not* corrected his error.

You can't fix stupid.
Tags: stupid
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