pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Two Faced Finally Popped!

Five! Two yellows, one marked like Four on the Floor, two black, one with white spots, and a gorgeous calico. It has the black and orange face, but not divided so adroitly as Two Faced. She's the runt, the first born, and my favorite, of course. I think one of the yellows is also a female. I can't really tell until I can feel/not feel protubrances...

I cleaned up the floor, but she won't give me the sheet yet. Maybe tomorrow.

The calico was the first born - on my foot. Two Faced wanted comforting... Since I was already in the bath room, I just dunked my toes before I walked anywhere. Never thought of a "foot" stool quite in that way before.

Splunker came in last night, found the food, buried his face, then HISSED at her when she came in to use the kitty litter. He went back outside! I won't have that in the house. He was horrid to her when she had the last litter, too, but it isn't winter now.
Tags: animal antics

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