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219# today, for the third day in a row.

A Spanish speaking friend just got cut to 5/8ths of his former job, then got a backward offer of filling in 3/8ths with Spanish. He'd subbed for me once, and got by, as he's very fluent.

He was a missionary in Peru at one point (and Turkey, Italy, etc.) so has a true working smattering of a lot of interesting languages, but no pedagogery to back it up. He asked for tips and organizational strategies so he'd be successful, not just a fill in. There's nobody around to speak Spanish with to sharpen up. We went at it for two hours a day for two days running, hopefully leaving him secure to get started Monday...

The father of ten, now all adults, he was giving me a run down on the ones I had. One kept calling him as we talked.

We chatted about language and he sparked my creativity. (I was always in awe of his command of language. He gave an off the cuff rant once at a teacher's in service, and his language usage was so poetic I wish I had a tape of it.)

I tried to write a novel this summer, but got 350 words in, then stalled out. It just hasn't "cooked" long enough.

Today, some of the required angst boiled up, "Beset (bedeviled) by the dagger of doubt, the soul-slicing sword of sin, (character's name) twisted and turned beneath tattered covers of torment."

If I intend to write like that, the novel will likely never happen... The dilemma the character is facing keeps changing, as well. Maybe by Nov. I'll feel as if I have 50,000 words on the topic.
Tags: language use, teaching, writing

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