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Weight, Shopping Availability , Hot Cars - This and That

218# for the first time today. (Well, obviously, on my way UP, I passed that mark...)

Do I count a Claussen's dill as a veggie?

My lettuce turned again... disgusting.

The local store (34 mile round trip) thought the raspberries were high, so they skipped buying them. If I need them, I have to take a chance on a store that's a 50 mile round trip, or 100 mile round trip.

However, they GOT THE 45 calorie per slice of bread in, high, high, high. I love getting a whole slice with my egg. After that success, I asked the manager to order cans of bean sprouts. I told him I'd probably be on this diet for two years or so to make my weight goal.

Centerville's Hy-Vee not only did not have 96% fat free beef, but FORGOT that they ever did. (I had a pack in the freezer that came from there. I should have taken the label with me.)

Corydon DOES have one place that sells premium gas. It also has one that has the 89.5% blend ethanol, and the mechanic/owner told me how to tell when I needed to blend the gas if I was using the ethanol. What to listen for when. Pinging when passing, etc. We both think the way I generally drive, I can use the ethanol just fine. I get passed, cruising along at 55, the legal limit, rather than being the one hot to pass.

I told him the story about getting the ticket (he used to be a highway patrolman) before I even got my Audi A 6 home, and he responded with a tale of another souped up car, a Chevy Impala full sized car set up to race with a really hot engine (he described it to me, but when I didn't know the name, he told me what it DID.) He was commenting on the "supercharged" aspect of my Audi.

He told about this friend with a hot Impala who was going to pass a slower car on the interstate. He pressed the gas pedal down BEFORE he pulled into the fast lane and REAR ENDED the car he was intending to pass...

I told him I'd rather learn about souped up engines by getting the speeding ticket...

Yet, if I don't use cruise, I still catch myself speeding. When I turned onto my road, I looked down about a mile out of Promise City - it felt like 55, but clocked in at 80! Nobody else around. I was not in a hurry, etc. So, it is 100% cruise for me until I get adjusted to its power. (It works from 20 mph on up, not like the other cars I've had.)

Eventually, I'll have driven it enough to know by feel. It is one smooth car. I bought it with 120 miles on the odometer; it's up to 388 now, so still early days.
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