pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Wedding Day

I got back from the wedding by a very circuitous route, not arriving home until after midnight, so exhausted that I can't sleep.

The day was much cooler than it has been, by 20+ degrees, yet still, the three of us standing inside the walled and roofed bridge sweated profusely. I got messed up on the stilted sentence structure of some of the archiac wordings, even with two complete run-throughs in front of the Apple Store in Jordan Creek.

(If you sit, reading aloud, but quietly, from sheets, you draw many odd looks...)

My nightmare that nobody would answer when I spoke to them proved unfounded. The friends and family, and of course, the grooms, responded positively every time.

Mark cried when repeating his vows. Jess almost did. They held hands throughout the entire service.

As a side effect, I got hoarse by the time I did the late-night rendition of the Everly Brother's Let It Be Me. My voice is never beautiful at the best of times, but it really croaked big time then. Jess had told Mark I sometimes sang. (Understand, this does NOT represent a voucher of quality on his part...) After I was done [with several people mouthing the words along with me, but too shy (or too put off by where I started) to participate], I announced that the original by the Everly Brothers was 1) well-sung, with good quality voices, 2) in tune, and 3) beautifully harmonized.
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