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More Deaths - Diet Day 8

This week, instead of two dead horses, I have two dead tortoise shell females I was trying to run a genetic breeding experiment with. One was a third generation animal, the other from the second generation. Both yellow toms survived, and the intrepid Two-Faced. She's been wanting contact. She reaches up my leg as far as she can, begging to be held, accompanying me to the car, getting in, riding to the mail box, pasture, and up to the church... then decamping when I do, sometimes by again climbing into my arms. Those two dogs sure did a number on them all. One killed female had no front claws, but the younger one had all hers.

Cats in flight are stupid. The dogs, a lab cross and a husky cross, are huge. Darting through a woven wire into the pasture would make the dogs go around to a gate they could squeeze under. Hopping onto the 1x6 would make them try to leap up on the fence. Again, the cat could escape into the long grass. Both dogs went under the house. Silver lining: I haven't seen the coon in a while. :-)

I actually woke up when the alarm went off at 6:30 this morning, but couldn't drag myself out of bed after staying up so late last night to finish the water.

first urination/weight 238# but before I left the room, I needed to go again.
10 drops
second urination/weight 236# water goal: 118 oz. (I hope!)

14 oz. water

13 oz. water (27 total)
1 sunny side up extra large egg
1/2 slice Sarah Lee 70 calorie whole wheat bread

morning meds

13 oz. water (40 total)

11:00 something...
Ruckus under the house - Schultz's two huge dogs crawled under, hot on the tail of my wild and house cats. Dottie, a tortoise shell raised inside after one month of age, was hard in heat and out for just a few days to get bred to the orange male... I forget now if Mike said the cat killer was the black lab cross or the part Husky. I've had lab mixes before, and they were cat lovers, as were my Irish Setters... but maybe that is more a function of how they were raised rather than their true nature.

I never saw Dottie again after she darted around the corner of the trailer with the Husky hot on her tail. The next morning, the pregnant tortoise shell Hississity was lying dead by the basement porch.

When Jabberwock finally came home, he had a bite in the middle of his back, matted fur, and was quite fearful. He's timid, anyway.

10 drops

13.5 oz. water (53.5 total)

24 raspberries

14 oz. water (67.5 total)

13.5 oz. water (81 total) [finished water at 6:00]
1 psyllium tablet

10 drops

13.5 oz. water (94.5 total)

1 golden delicious apple

1 cup fresh spinach
3 handfuls romaine lettuce topped with 2 tablespoons Walden Farms Bacon Ranch dressing
6 oz. white turkey breast
13.5 oz. water (108 total)

1 psyllium tablet

evening meds

11 oz. water (119 total)

Well, at least the diet went okay today. Nothing else seemed to. I'm for bed.
Tags: animal antics, diet

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