pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Diet Day 9

Eyes bothering me again. I've been reading non-stop, mostly brain dead summer romances, then working on the computer... The eye doctor told me I wouldn't need to come back until December, but I wonder?

I've been reading a bit of non-fiction, which I generally don't like, but Bill Bryson's two about the English language are interesting. I read The Mother Tongue and now am doing Made in America.

237# water goal: 118.5 oz.
10 drops

14 oz. water
1 sunny side up egg
1/2 slice toast (45 calories)

morning meds

14.5 oz. water (28.5 total)

10 drops

fresh peach

I just found Hissicity, the pregnant tortoise shell mother cat who'd bred with the neighbor's yellow tiger tom (the male color of the tortoise and calico colored female.) Her body was lying just on the other side of the basement porch in the tall grass. She'd been pretty well mauled. She was due any day. Even though she hissed at me whenever I set out the cat food, she was a favorite among the wild ones. She'd come close, but then "protest" her attraction.

I THINK Dottie, the other dead tortoise female, was her daughter. She's the bold one I snatched and brought inside when she was about a month old and just learning to eat the cat food and drink water. By the time the mothers would bring them to the porch, it was sometimes hard to tell for sure, as all the wild females would nurse all the kittens indiscriminately.

10 oz. 96% lean ground beef, canned mushrooms, grape tomatoes, and tomato sauce mix, (same batch as before)
14 oz. water (42.5 total)

14 oz. water (56.5 total)

14 oz. water (70.5 total)

10 drops

14.5 oz. water (85 total)

3 handfuls of romaine lettuce hearts, not destemmed (5 oz.)
1 cup cucumbers
5 oz. water (90 total)

14 oz. water (104 total)

14.5 oz. water (119.5 total - goal!)

Although I finished my water goal before 11, I'm still not done for the day. Looking back over my food intake, I realize I forgot the evening fruit.

1 plum (99.9% to me, one lick to Spelunker.)

Diet Dilemma: You can't wash off the inside of a partially eaten plum.
It is my only plum.
The stores are closed.

(I'd forgotten that this entry in its original form had comments from a friend... They may seem off kilter now, but it's not his fault that I changed the content. I'm just now entering the diet things for the various days. All that content and the reflections on the cat - whose demise was noted in my diet information, which delayed the meals- was NOT PRESENT when he wrote.)
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