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Day Three - Beginning of Weight Loss Protocol

I intended to form a pattern, and did well for a while yesterday, but farm life has a few unexpected ups and downs that are tough to schedule around.

I was determined to get through a day's routine today that would set a pattern. Having lived through it now, I certainly HOPE that's not the pattern!

So, with all that intake, why no output? Generally the first thing I eat produces regularity.

244# Water goal: 122 oz.
10 drops

13 oz. water
daily dose of Nutrilite (nails peeling again. The vitamins and Omega was suggested by the dr. Omegas are OFF the diet, but I did the vitamins, as I obviously still need something. That may change as I get going on it...)

13 oz. water
10 psyllium husk capsules (detox)

13 oz. water
morning meds
1/2 slice Sarah Lee 70 cal. bread, toasted (stuck in toaster - tipped sideways
sunny side up egg (not quite - I broke the yoke when I opened it, but juice still dribbled off onto my fingers when I tried to eat it as an open-faced sandwich.

(out in the pasture, I caught OMYNO - came in sweaty)
13 oz. water

(called vet, mom beeped in, called vet back, set up a 2:15 appointment)

1:00 10 drops

(OMYNO slipped his halter and disappeared, leaving the lead rope and undamaged halter still hanging on the post. It was NOT loose on him -- he's a horse Houdini. I hunted him up and down the road, but not even poop in the road. His tail showed above the top of the hill as I came up the drive - it flicked straight up in the air. He was in the hay field. I sweated up right off, but he knew if I couldn't catch him in five acres, I sure wasn't going to get him in 35.)

13 oz. water
6 oz. turkey sprinkled with a cup of sliced fresh mushrooms, nuked.

(The young farmer who rented my ground came by on a tractor with a bale stabber poking out behind to move the bales already done off the field. I met him at the closed gate and told him of the surprise he had waiting in the hay field. I suggested a plan of action if the opportunity presented itself. He herded OMYNO into the bale pen with the tractor, bale stabber poking out the back, then came to the house to get me.

Grabbing a halter, we took my car up the hill to the bale pen, where he provided backup for me as I went after OMYNO. When he turned and was going to run, we both stopped instantly and headed back to the gate.

OMYNO came charging over and met me, meekly putting his head in the halter. (Neither hay field nor bale pen have water.)

The farmer took my car back to the house while I led NO down the hill to the circle drive, then to the gardening wheelbarrow full of water for a good long drink, as he was dry by then.

I led him back to the corner post, but inside the small west pond pasture we'd just hiked through, tying him with the gate shut and chained this time. I had tightened the halter up two more notches (tighter than I would ever have put one), then tried to slip it over his ears. I wasn't sure it wouldn't go, so I put it on the last notch. If he hollered or fretted, he could cut off his breath at that notch.

I called the vet again - they came promptly, leading him back to the spot I'd picked. We were done by 5.)

I got sweaty two more times before all was said and done. I'm sure glad this diet doesn't require any exercise to work.

13 oz. water

13oz. water

10 drops

13 oz. water

9:00="9:00" evening="evening" meds="meds"

romaine lettuce/spinach greens
6 oz. turkey
no dressing - I wanted to see what the different lettuce tasted like by itself.
3/4 cup raspberries

13 oz. water

5 oz. water

I'm feeling pretty water logged again. I wonder if my body will adjust to that intake before I drop enough weight to make a significant decrease in the amount I need to drink? (I'm only 4 oz. below the maximum amount...) One thing about drinking this much this late - it guarantees I have to get up in the middle of the night... I had planned to shift more of the drinking to earlier in the day. I don't drink too well while I chase an elusive stallion.
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