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Day Two - Loading Day

Last Tuesday, I'd made a pound of 93% hamburger into a scratch spaghetti sauce by adding two large cans of peeled tomatoes, chopped celery, mushrooms, but no salt or peppers. Then I used about a quarter of the salt normal for me on noodles, (pasta still tastes better salted to me...) I ate a big plate on Tuesday and planned to finish it off on my loading days. I took the fresh broccoli (not allowed on the new diet at this point, but may be added at some future point) and a can of fancy Chinese vegetables, nuked them, and was a happy (stuffed) camper.

I'd bought a turkey breast in a plastic package (nearly five pounds of meat) when I went shopping for the diet, among so much other meat that I had no room in the freezers or fridge to keep it. I put it in a cooler to defrost. When I unwrapped it last night to cook it, I discovered it was really a turkey CHEST, and although I'd thought it was fully defrosted, the gravy package was still tightly frozen inside...

I popped it in the oven finally this morning, running cold water through the bird as the directions said, watching the last of the frost leave with it, then popped it in a roaster made for a full turkey, and cooked it at 3:25 for three and a half hours. It came out very tender and moist, flaking readily from the bone.

I figured after all the stuff I ate yesterday, my weight would really pop up.

244# water goal: 122 oz.
10 drops (trying to set up a routine that allows the "best case" scenario of two hours between drops and eating.)

13 oz. water
46 oz. fiber bar, oats 'n honey

14 oz. water
morning meds
(skipped vitamins both loading days, as the handout suggested they made it harder to lose)

2 slices wheat bread with mustard
2 slices American cheese
13 oz. water

12 oz. water

As I checked the turkey, I ate about 1/2 cup of succulent meat fresh from the oven. Yup, it's done!

deboned the turkey, making the chunks suitable for the diet. I pieced as I went - yum!

10 drops

13 oz. water

last of an opened package of Nilla wafers. (Bet I can't eat just one... nope... I didn't really think so.)
13 oz. water

13 oz. water

6:30 13 oz. water

plateful of spaghetti and meat sauce (cheese on top)
3/4 plateful of bean sprouts, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, broccoli (no sauce)
13 oz. water

13 oz. water

10 drops

small can of sliced pears and cottage cheese

5 oz. water
7 individually wrapped mounds mini candy bars. (burp!)

I don't think I've EVER gained four pounds in one day! That ought to mean I did a good job "loading".

I made my water goal and polished off a few tempting things I'll be without shortly.
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