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I Started the Diet

First, the bottle of Docs Stimulus Drops arrived. I read through the diet protocal, scared I would not be able to manage all the precise times...

The first two days are "loading days" when you eat everything you think you might get hungry for, but which isn't on the list of approved foods. In my head, I thought "the FUN days".

The day after the scale arrived, I began.

Of course, I obsessed about it the night before, so had trouble dropping off to sleep. When I finally did, I overslept in the morning. (I usually awake at dawn unaided. Sometimes I can drop back off to sleep after emptying my bladder, but other times, that's all she wrote.)

Stripping off, I padded through the entire house to the tile floor in the guest bathroom, where the el cheapo stand-on-it-and-peer-down scale is housed. Even with my new glasses, I can't read the dial from my shrunken height... :-( (How much are the ones with the arm and weights like doctor's offices have, I wonder? There's a seven pound discrepancy between my home scale and the doctor's office.)

I weighed, reread the instructions, used the stool and reweighed. I thought beforehand "like that's going to make a significant difference"... Would you believe, two pounds? I never paid attention to before and after weights before, so I wonder how often I credited myself with a false gain/loss?

240# = 120 oz water goal for the day...

took morning meds with a sip of water

10 drops under the tongue for a count of 1000-1 to 60, twice. It felt as if the drops evaporated pretty well before I swallowed...

weighed the plastic scale and set the gage to "0" so I'd only be weighing what was in the bowl. Glass won't fit inside it. Reset scale for the plastic glass I'd be using for water. Began drinking.

Finished water in glass, but not ice. Reweighed the glass with the ice, then refilled. I had 2 oz ice in the glass- so I drank 10 oz. of water. Water and ice again came out 12 oz.

Drank 12 oz water - by then the ice had melted. Left for town with the cat for vet apt.

Ate lunch at Breadeau pizza. Tanked up with a 16 oz. glass of water and ice, some ice left - est. 14 oz. of water consumed with meal.
5 (probably canned) slices of peach, liberally coated in cottage cheese
a few bites of tomato (originally in a very strong vinegar sauce, but I heavily blotted them. They still overpowered the lettuce salad.
1 pizza plate full of iceberg lettuce, sprinkled with cheese flecks, mushrooms, seeds and croutons
topped with a scoop of thick French dressing
2 slices hamburger/mushroom pizza, blotted
3 bread stick crusts (no cheese)
3 bread sticks (cheese)
1 dessert pizza (cream cheese squiggles on it, piping hot from oven - worth the price of admission all by itself)

Back from town, groceries in and stored.
10 drops

13 oz water
46 oz oats 'n honey fiber bar

(somewhere between here and 7:30, I chowed down on Cheetos while I compulsively read the new "Nora" my sister sent, the one where the heroine runs a dog rescue and trains them and their handlers for search and rescue. When I finished it, I ate dinner and started a Netflix movie, McArthur.)

6: 15
13 oz water

13 oz water

10 drops

10 oz. water
2 sunny side up eggs
4 long strips bacon
2 slices toasted Texas toast
2 slices American cheese (slightly melted onto the top of the toast as the eggs cooked)

more water - didn't finish the glassful, though. (fell asleep in the chair, watching an uberexciting movie... Not! Gregory Peck as McArthur) Best lines went to President Wilson, carping to other generals about (His Highness) McArthur (the badge he made him was pretty funny, too.

Revised opinion -- eating until you are nearly sick to your stomach and overly full is NOT FUN. I need to drink glassfuls of water earlier in the day. I was thinking at first I had to be optimally 2 hours away from FOOD or WATER, but it is 15 min. for the water...

Did not make water drinking goal before midnight... Do the extra glasses after that go on Wed. or Tues, I wonder.? (somewhere around 90 oz. best guess)
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