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Missed the Boat, AGAIN

Socially, I eternally and consistently miss the boat, so to speak. Generally, that takes the form of reading and believing body English over the audible form, without regard for people's "social face", which I generally do NOT see, or understand, and on those rare occasions when I do notice, believe.

Generally, when someone gets a new outfit, hair style, glasses, I need prompting. I can rarely remember what the original hair style or glasses style IS. If I'm used to seeing someone dressed as a working farmer just in from the field, seeing them at church in a suit may require a trigger for me to recognize them. Oh, the social dramas THAT little foible can cause!

So, recently, when I needed to have my back adjusted, I was delighted to discover that my all time favorite man for the job had returned to the Corydon clinic, only a 34 mile round trip, as opposed to the 78 to the Albia office.

We were catching up on old gossip as he worked on me. He told me how the switch happened, and dropped in the casual remark, "Dr. XXX is back, as well."

I was there through all the storm around Dr.ZZZ, whose wife was on staff where I taught... It was horrendous. But, I did NOT put the pieces together, as he would have expected that I not only could, but would, from that one off hand remark.

Now, days later, an odd behavior from a nurse I've known for YEARS makes perfect sense. As she was taking my blood pressure, etc. she asked if I'd brought all my medication bottles along with me. She carefully explained that "all their patients" were being asked to bring them along each visit, so all the doctors would know what other doctors had prescribed.

I, the eternally puzzled, didn't get it. "Nobody asked me to. They're the things that Dr. YYY, (the head of the clinic) prescribed." I drudged up one name of the four drugs for her, one that had replaced lipitor two visits before.

"What dose?" she snapped.

"Ah..." I had NO IDEA.

"That's why we want to see the bottles each visit."

"You could look in the chart," I said, sensibly, pointing to it.

Today is the TUESDAY following that THURSDAY visit. (Subtext: mind like a steel trap, what? [said in an affected British accent])

Years ago, Dr. ZZZ and his office partner were reprimanded for dispensing too many pain meds. Dr. ZZZ was a soft touch, and would fill, refill too early, fill when another doctor had also filled... with the excess contributing to a Meth making ring (is that even the right drug? I'm not sure) ... It was quite a bruhaha at the time, but I can't remember the details. License suspended, clinic closed... pretty thoroughly severe. Our school lost a top band instructor over it, which also pulled her daughter out of the system at a time when rural schools are fighting hard for every head, as that determines the district's share of the state tax pie.

So, when my beloved doctor told me that Dr. XXX was back, he expected me to connect the dots...

I've even gone, pain in tooth and proverbial hat in hand, to that very self-same clinic, asking for more pain meds, as the dentist optimistically medicated for three days, which did not cut it...

I'll apologize to the nurse next trip in. She was just being pro-active in protecting the good name and standing of THEIR CLINIC. I'd certainly not like to see us lose it.

Ah, NOW I've got it! Better late than never, I guess.

Edit: so typical. I mixed up doctor's names.
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