pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Awakened for the day 1:30ish a.m. :-(

by loud, belligerent cat yowls and yammerings...

Earlier, the trapped cat was Jabberwock, noted for his strident, repetitive vocalizations, (but totally expected for a Siamese -- a hallmark of the breed), and he has somewhat mastered being quiet on demand after his two hour car ordeal coming down from Des Moines. Not knowing he was in the back bedroom, I'd repeatedly wait until Four on the Floor was in the nether parts of the trailer ductwork, then would open the front door and trill the "come immediately" cry I use for getting the indoor cats past the outdoor cats, who delight in holding the castrated toms at bay... If they can't come inside, then NOBODY will, is their attitude. The nursing mother, Two Faced, just walks right past them. (She knows I won't put up with anyone trying to swipe at her with a claw when she's declawed.)

But, this was even worse. I went into the bathroom, still 3/4 asleep.

The sound came along. I stumbled back to the door to the bedroom, hitting the light switch, the yowls again accompanying me, along with lots of annoying clicks.

I hear a strange clicking... two white paw tips are squeezed through the thin strips of the heat register.

Off to the utility room I go, returning with a magnetized phillips so I don't drop a screw down a bad place... I remove the vent, and out pops an ecstatic Four on the Floor, who is, needless to say, not converting to outside Tom cat very willingly. I put him outside, and return the vent to the slot, but do not try to replace the screws...

I go to the bathroom, legitimately, this time... In strolls Four on the Floor, his tail puffed proudly over his back. I lock him in the utility room, where he promptly sets out to rape someone highly vocal in their objection.

I set one leg of a kitchen chair on the edge of the duct. I put the culprit back outside... The sky is light. Guess I've slept enough...

Off and on all day, he's yowled in both the east and the west living room window "wells", in the kitchen, both bathrooms... The only room he doesn't keep pace with me into is the library. He sounds so piteous, that Jabberwock leaped over the coffee table to stand on top of the vent, when he knows he's not allowed back there.

Four on the Floor wins the awards for "Most Creative Use of Ductwork", and "Persistence in the Face of Obstacles" paws down.
Tags: animal antics, praying for a silent night

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