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Thoughts While Reading My Friends Page (Moved from John Palcewski's Journal)

First, you can watch John's videos here:

(The first one caused the reaction.)

Lots of good memories revisited with this post.

Some of the replies:


2011-04-18 10:34 am (local)
I was watching Running Water with a sleepy tom cat, Spelunker, stretched out across my chest between my body and my laptop. When the Canada goose honked, his head popped up and he twisted around to see the source of the sound.

The water got louder. He got down and looked behind the computer, presumably still trying to find that goose.

Re: Reaction

2011-04-18 12:20 pm (local)
Now that's among the many reasons I love cats!

Re: Reaction

2011-04-22 05:55 am (local)
That's so cute! I heard there was a video that was a big seller for a while there. Just a long video of lots and lots of birds. Some flying. Some perched on branches. Some hopping along on the ground. Apparently people would pop the video in for their cats before they left for work in the mornings and the cats would watch the video, riveted.

Re: Reaction

2011-04-22 12:29 pm (local)
Back when I still had commercial TV, one of my Irish setters was watching a nature program on public television with me.

She was sitting regally upright beside me, face forward, at any rate, until the sound track of the African veld replaced the narrator's voice over. She hopped down, dashed around behind the TV, nose to the "wind", sniffing frantically, then began to quarter the living room, dining room, and connecting bedroom, tail up, using her outdoor cover-the-distance, find-the-bird gait.

(I had an entire line of good-nosed bird dogs bred from a field trial champion I bought right after college graduation and bred until near my retirement a few years ago, until the last female I'd kept got cancer before she'd reproduced, so I'm not sure which one it was, now. It would have been back in '74 or '75.)

What a constant source of joy the animals in my live have been!
Tags: "i believe" syndrome, slice of life

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