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Wiring Weirdness

Late Saturday night, the G-4 was unable to connect to the internet when I saw something on a Netflix I wanted to check factually. (I was watching The Sand Pebbles, and wondered about our China relationships historically at that time.)

No internet connection, so I just went to bed.

But when Sunday morning showed that the laptop was also unable to access the internet, I put in a call to help. I was on line with GRM's 24 hour service or the Apple techs from about 9 a.m. until slightly after 3:30 without being able to solve the problem. I could hook up either the old or the new time capsule, see the green light that indicates that they are hooked to the internet, and schedule a back-up of the data on my computer, OR I could remove the ethernet wire from the back of the time capsule and hook it directly into either computer, reenter the 12 digit IP address number, the 15 digit sub net mask number, the 12 digit router address, and two 14 digit DNS source server numbers and access the internet directly. I'm seeing them in my sleep, now.

So, the Apple techs scratched their collective heads and wondered, why will two different Mac computers work, and two different Time Capsules, hooked using the same numbers and wire, not work? The supervisor finally submitted the history of my MacBook Pro and newest Time Capsule info via data capture to engineering.

In the mean time, the telephone company is getting outage reports from a wider range of places, and are replacing a part at their office 40 miles from here, then the tech will come out here and install a router inside the house (I already have one outside that both the telephones and the internet share.)

Then, if that does not solve my problem, their tech will talk directly with the Apple tech supervisor who is shepherding my case through engineering until between them, things get put back together.

Obviously, I'm using the internet at present, not saving my new data in case I need to restore it...
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