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Jabberwock and the Farm Machinery

Whenever the door opens, now that there's no screen door any more, both Spelunker and Jabberwock duck out. Jabby will accompany me clear to the mail box, but Spelunker, who is slower and acts as if the gravel hurts his pads, stops at the bridge to the old house's porch.

Today LD came over with his big tractor and roughed up the field that I needed to reseed. I'd gotten just over $500 worth of seed and fertilizer yesterday at Chariton. (Getting the ten sacks of fertilizer and pounds of seed into the car was nothing short of miraculous in itself.) LW brought his grown son along to dump and distribute the seed and fertilizer in the 6' long seed cart. Both cross-eyed, castrated males sniffed the various sacks, finding the pelleted fertilizer particularly fascinating.

Two levers with adjustable nuts to control the size of the openings sat on the front of the platform. The upper compartment held the fertilizer pellets, the lower one the seed mix. The seed company had bagged the big seeds together and put all the small seeds in one sack. I thought that was a bit fussy and time-consuming at the time, but when LW had to use his heavy duty wrench to change the levers to adjust to the size of the seed, it began to make sense to me.

As LD fiddled with the levers, Jabbs wandered over and put his paws up on the platform.

Afraid he'd present himself suddenly right in LD's face, I picked him up. When I set him down, he hopped onto the fertilizer, watching the son dump the various sacks of seed into the hopper below him. He walked up and down the 6' length to keep right up with the flow.

When it was time to close the lid, I again took him into my arms.

As soon as I set him down, he made a bee line for the roller situated between the back wheels of the tractor, back only a foot or so. The dual wheels were wider than his body, and he showed every sign of wanting to play under the tractor after strolling along the entire length of the seed cart.

I decided he needed to be a house cat until the project got finished. He showed no fear of the tractor, whose engine was running the entire time.
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