pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Laptop Home

Fed Ex, the same cool driver who delivered the box to return the MacBook Pro to Apple, stepped inside on a Friday afternoon and helped me pack it up properly, then carried it out to his truck, delivered the Mac back home.

Am I ever glad to see it! The G4Tower is pushed up as high as it can go: OS X 10.4.11, which has never heard of Time Capsule, and can't set the internet settings for it... So, the phone company, which was having an issue with mice and the dogs that chase them around the wires that kept the last four customers connected, sent out the repair man, who MADE ME A NEW WIRE direct into the back of the G4.

"Please don't leave until I get on line," I begged shamelessly.

He thus saved himself yet another service call. He'd built the new hook up starting from the back of the computer. As I could not hook in, he commented, "I thought that was one of the selling points for Apple, a hassle free hookup."

Right, but that assumes there are no other problems... I entered all the numbers, which I just HAPPENED to have right on hand, at my fingertips, from constant need to reenter them...

When that didn't result in a successful hookup, he pulled the wire out of the back of the computer, examined it, and said, "Yup. that one's in the right order."

Now, that's one problem I had NOT THOUGHT OF.... technician error.

He meandered across the room to the wall hookup behind the telephone table. "Ah, ha! The middle two are switched. They should be blue, white, brown white, not brown white blue white. The entire sequence should run..." I can't remember the colors and the order, but he snipped off that connection, split the wires again, reattached them, plugged it in, and the G4 instantly found the internet.
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