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Taking Flight (for Feb. 9th, Dad's Birthday)

On all the computer repair trips to Des Moines, I'd turn at the Chariton airport to use the roads less traveled by, as they were all clear. I noted some red signs with white writing, way too small to read on the fly, strung out one to a fence post every few posts, a la old Burma Shave signs adorning the highways when we were kids. But, these were on extensions of the posts, about a foot or so above where the Burma Shave signs would have been.

The first night, right at sunset, the last red sign caught my eye. The next night, I looked for them immediately after making the corner, but still could not read the first one from the road. I backed up. I got out. Our IOWA (little tiny our, nice big, thick letters spelling out Iowa.

I couldn't read any more.

Not to worry. I had to make a return trip, so again tried to read the little signs.
Our Iowa
would be
more fun
(somewhere was to go, but I can't remember where it went...)
to fly
from the air
(if these signs could be read)
from there
Tags: dad, flying

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