pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Thinking Green

When we were kids, we'd always sing along with the Popeye theme, and delighted in jokes about eating spinach. The one that sticks with me is, "Eat spinach. It's good for your complexion."

"Right! Wait a minute! Who wants green skin?"

(The Jolly Green Giant!)

I'm trying to do what the doctor said -- more fiber. Seems a lot of the stuff I can now eat as an adult, but would never let pass my lips as a child, turn out to be just what the doctor ordered...

So, I'm well on my way to being "strong to the finish/'Cause I eats me spinach".

I opened a small can of spinach, ate half one meal, half the next, then opened a big can, eating half the main meal of the next day.

No, my face did NOT turn green.

My poop did.

And stayed that way for days.

Score one for Popeye!
Tags: bodily functions, childhood memories
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