pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The Laptop Saga Continues

The laptop has safely arrived in Texas, and the repairs estimate was $1240 plus tax. So, I was looking at replacing it, even though it is not that old, and I (used to) like everything about it (It was WORKING, then).

So, the claim was WATER DAMAGE, which I know never happened to it, as there are no kids, etc. who have any connection to it at all, but that voided the warranty.

Today, a tech called (I had five days to make up my mind, repair at so close to replacement price, or go with a new one... Not, not, not in the budget. Retirement is pretty lean for teachers, even after 41 years of continuous service. Usually, I don't regret not going into something more lucrative, but depriving me of my laptop was really a nasty blow. I figured at east five years before replacement was required.

He talked a while, I told him where I was in the decision-making process, and reminded him of the time limit the sales clerk had given me (not yet expired = still had time to try for raising funds somewhere).

I got to telling him educational Apple vs. PC in the school jokes, all true experiences, and we hit a reduced price I COULD actually put on a credit card with the three month's worth of drugs that are already on it. We had to try three times before he got there. Glad he was persistent. Monday, it's supposed to be done. I don't know if that means it will be sent Mon. or arrive here Monday.

I told him about the trouble it was experiencing with the CD reader/burner, so that will also be checked out. The entire unit has to meet Apple specs before it leaves the repair facility.

Sweet anticipation!
Tags: computer

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