pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Call From the Sheriff

Someone called to report a horse out on the highway near the bridge by my house, so the sheriff's office called me. We have a deal of long standing. They let me know, and I tell them whose horse it is. A lot of the time, I can take care of the problem and just let them know traffic is now safe in the area.

Not so this time. I couldn't get the neighbor's horse back through the deep snow into the fenced in area. The neighbor conveniently was not home. I don't have his cell phone number, and the land line has been disconnected. Stymied. He lives on a back road with a wicked, crooked driveway, so I almost didn't go try it, but he was all nicely plowed out, but absent.

The sheriff has his cell phone number, and a description of the horse, so it is out of my hands. I did get him up a driveway, but not secure behind a fence, so I doubt he'll stay off the road long. The only uncovered grass is on the berm. Everything else is tough digging.
Tags: animal antics

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