pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

More Computer Woes

 So, with a brand new mother board installed, why am I still having trouble?  I bought a new mouse for the old computer, a logitech, same as the old one (minus the cat chewed cord), so that works well, at least.

But the MacBook Pro now gives the ? instead of the apple.  It worked in the shop, all the files and programs still in place, so I got a 16 G ISB movable storage drive and opened iTunes.  I stored files from itunes twice, moving them to the old computer, and a file of pictures.  That was done between crashes, booting up with the system master, and many, many freezes.  

When I tried to trash the last folder I'd safely moved, the thing locked up and has not been bootable since.  I don't get it.  The only change I made when I first got home and didn't yet realize I was going to have even worse trouble than before was to upgrade the itunes to the latest version.  (The file moving happened from the new one, so it did not cause the problem, to my way of thinking...)  

I generally load music that suits my mood, open Safari, load up the file I'm editing on lj, then open Pages to get at the master document.  I was updating a chapter on line when the first lock-up post new mother board occurred. 
Tags: computer woes

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