pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Mac Turns On/Off - Screen Stays Black

Somewhere in all the construction chaos, I've misplaced my troubleshooting file box full of index cards of steps to follow when... (see title)

Anyone have any ideas how to proceed? Macbook pro, latest version of OS -- please help me put a smile back on my mac.

He's been loading slower and slower, and itunes hit 250 in the number of loads from backup recently. I empty the Safari cache before shutting down. I've dropped from a high of over 10,000 songs in iTunes to around 9800, heading for 8000 or so, where the program seems happiest... I tried to do a backup CD of some of the music I didn't want to lose, but don't listen to as often, but four blank CD's in a row would not burn.

The installed troubleshooting program would open with 3.3_ GB of memory, so I wondered if that was the reason, as it would act as if it were going to work, then not.

I'm irritated with myself, because I know I've had black screen troubles before, and cleared them up without doing a clean install.

I'd really like to avoid that, as I have the last two chapters of my 2010 NANO novel on there, one nearly cleaned up enough to post on line. Backing your novel up to a different file on the same desktop is definitely NOT the way to go.

Being too gutless to post rough, rough draft material on line does have its drawbacks.
Tags: computer woes

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