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My neighbor is a contractor who works in Chicago, or sometimes KC MO. Lately, the big cities seem to be wearing on his soul, so he's been popping home to rural, isolated Iowa to his 40 acres and crackerbox house frequently.

Yesterday, he showed up with the neighbors across the road, to help him fix something on his tractor. It didn't get done, evidently, right away, as he's now plowing out the snowstorm that hit last Mon.-Tues. in preparation for the next one, which is also supposed to dump 4" or so. If I didn't get it plowed, and that was added, the little car would not be up to it. The middle of the driveway bears grooves from something underneath dragging as it is.

It is nearly dark out, so to be doing the drive at this hour tells me he's burning the midnight oil, again... He should be heading back to Chi town, I'd think, if he's going to work Mon.

Some stuff he can do with high speed internet, so maybe this is one of those situations.

Last night when we were talking by my mailbox, he was afraid it would freeze down. We did get some sleet, but not the inches deep stuff like some years.

He even did a pathway right up to the door with his bobcat, so that is nice.
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