pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Weather Woes

I've got a CD all packed up in a bubble wrapper, addressed, and will put it in the mail box Mon. am as I go to work... (Unless the sleet gets real nasty... I won't do the hill on ice that is so bad I don't think I can get into the roadway from the drive.

I can tolerate snow, but ice is something else. The electricity was off from 11 - 8:30 last weekend due to ice, and the surge when it came back on took out the modems on BOTH computers! Only one is up and running. I planned to take the tower up to Des Moines on Sat. but the weather was not suitable. No internet is not worth the risk of life and limb on unsafe roads.

Funny sight: Saturday, I opened the door to put out the cat food shortly after sun-up. At the sound of the door, the wild outdoor cats came from under the porch/trailer to the steps. Two arrived at once, and slid several feet before being back in control. Talk about laugh! Wish I'd had my video in hand.
Tags: animal antics, ice
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