pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

On Being Negligent

In a 2007 list of words subscribers to the New York Times invented new meanings for common words, I found this gem, "negligent, adj. absentmindedly answering the door when wearing only a nightgown."

While I readily admit to being absentminded, I never went quite that far. However, once I accidentally came overly close.

I was home sick, huddled under my comforter in a full length flannel nightgown when the UPS man knocked at the door. He needed a signature. As I turned to get a pen, I heard him draw a very deep breath. Quickly returning with one from the kitchen table, I raised my eyebrow in inquiry.

"Were you aware of how worn that nightie is?"

My face showed that I clearly did not.

If I shared more with Marilyn Monroe than just being both female, I might have been able to pull it off.

After he left, I meandered into the bathroom and took a gander in the full length mirror affixed to the door. No flannel was left on its well-polished posterior. Only a filmy netting kept the top and bottom of the old comfy nighty connected. I reluctantly retired it, requesting a new one for Christmas.

Nothing lasts forever. Sigh.
Tags: faux pas

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