pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Analysis of No Stone Unturned Characters

The CEO would be the rich actor.
The explorer would be the heroine, Arabelle (also shares CEO duties at times, companionably - these are the two who fall in love)
Kurt, the drummer, is the jester.
The two bodyguards are the sentries;
Eric, the college student, might be the Energy Czar if it is physical energy, not power plant management...
The recluse might be the nester...
The reporter is the antagonist among the group, and seems to have designs on the CEO, who just isn't buying it, so maybe she's the sensualist.
Then I have four high school girls, one the brain, one the top sports person, another who's not bad, (the companion of the jock), and then one who is a girly-girl, boy crazy to the max, not a student at all.
The fighter is the lawyer. He's almost pugalistic in his manner.
There's a builder, too.
Tags: no stone unturned

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