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Procedure Scheduled

Next Monday, sometime, probably in the late A.M., according to the nurse who explained the prep to me, I go in for the procedure. I need a driver. This is a problem, as nobody sound still lives around here who is also available for daytime jobs.

Prep starts on FRIDAY. I have to stop taking one of my meds so that will have been off it for three days by Monday. Then 48 hours prior, I start a detailed list of steps that need to happen at specific times. Dietary restrictions also begin early. Oh, joy!

I'm not sure how to be sure I do the things at the right time. For instance, right now, I am 45 minutes from taking my 9:00 pills. Yesterday, I remembered them after a similar time up and thinking about them by NOON. Once I began prepping Chapter Five of No Stone Unturned on line, everything else went out of my head.
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