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Soaring Toward Absolute Zero in a Topsy Turvy World

We plunged into the deepfreeze and hovered over a week ago, so when I got back from town with aching knees, I put all the frozen food in the cooler in the trunk along with a jug of milk and left them instead of taking the steep stairs to the basement freezer and second fridge.

I made a mental note to watch for sunshine/warm weather and did... but last night shot me down. When I peeked out this morning shortly after dawn, I was startled to see almost no snow left. Overnight?

Slipping on my fall jacket, I walked to the trunk. Things were still cold in there, so I headed for the basement. I happened to glance into the back seat. What? I'd left a sack with garlic bread, two pot pies, an individual pizza and some Texas toast and cheese frozen goods on the seat.

The packages were a bit warm.

I took the pizza and a pot pie into the house with me. When I opened the pot pie, it was still totally frozen, so I am assuming the other two are okay, too.

I remember thinking of the warming rays of the sun as a potential disturber of my makeshift deepfreeze, but melting by moon glow?
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