pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Second Call

Still after more money before the work is done, I put my foot down. I guess I'm still upset about buying a pig in a poke a year ago in November, which is still poking me. "But this is a different job," came the excuse.

Call me hard headed; I insist on watering my grass, not my literature. When the contractor will not acknowledge any culpability in the misplaced porch, the unfinished work that is allowing the leak, (and undoubtedly leading to moldy insulation, which will make the house uninhabitable), and professes total ignorance of any misdeeds, I denied a request for even $3,000 of the to be paid outstanding balance of $5,000.

He had another job pending for when good weather comes, which he attempted to get advance money from, unsuccessfully.

Hey, I IDID learn something in 41 years of teaching: Just say NO. Works for runaway contractors, as well as drugs.
Tags: construction woes
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