pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

So How AM I Doing?

It's Christmas letter time, and lots of people are asking how I'm doing. One of my sisters and her husband, with only negative things to tell, just opted not to send one at all. Far less depressing for both reader and writer, I'm sure.

Mocha sold in Oct. but came back last week. She would panic and get dangerous when separated from the herd. We did some with her this spring, but obviously, not enough. She jumped into (as in could not clear) her stall wall when the other horses did not come on in for the night, but ran back out into the field and made a few more laps. The gal who bought her is around my age, and just not in the physical shape necessary to handle that type of thing. So, I had hay money and a paid off vet bill, then got to pay the money back... That took a huge bite out of the building money. My brother is supposed to come in Jan. to install the bookcases, and I need to come up with $5,000 by then. (I had it, but not with enough to spare to pay off vet and hay all in one lump like I did. People were told I'd make payments, but if something sells, I always pay off what I owe first, which I dutifully did.)

Mom said, "Do you have food?" I really laughed over that one, then she laughed, knowing how packed my pantry and freezer are. But, I'm not driving around any extra. I had a mammogram Tues. in Corydon at the hospital, so shopped in the more expensive town. The 23rd, I do the fasting one, so I'll probably be shopping there again at the end of the month. I get milk and bread once a week, but not meat or the bulk of other things I need (or seem to think I do.)

If we have an ice storm, I'm hoping for less damage this year. Maybe it will miss us. So far, so good. When everyone was getting all that snow, (my sister in Rochester got 10" one weekend, and 16 last weekend. They have a driveway that is two cars wide and just a bit longer than my car, plus the sidewalk. It took her husband 4 hours with a snow blower to clear it. Insane. You have to love winter a lot more than I do to be out there in that kind of wind trying to move snow the wind will fill right back in.) We got just a couple of inches -- just enough to cover the grass. Then the wind came up. The next morning, only scattered bits of snow remained in the fields, but the front steps were covered with a drift. The broken screen door rocked back and forth all night, working on the snow like a wind shield wiper, keeping the snow in line with the steps to a 1/2" or so. It also packed snow into the 6" gap between storm and front door.

I swept the steps and porch to clear them. Going into the basement, I brought up the snow shovel and stored it in the living room again. I shoveled three scoopfuls to make a connection with the partially graveled walk to the driveway.
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