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What Is This Called? There Must Be a Word For This

to get her together

(One long word combined into a phrase with the three little words that make up its spelling... )

Originating sentence:

It took the continuous ministrations of three maids to get her together for the ball in time: hair, make-up, dress.


Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to work an example of this unnamed phenomenon into a story. [A longer word (containing at least two correctly spelled words, letters all in sequence) into a phrase along with the words it is composed of.]

Who can come up with the longest word (ie: the most little words spelled in consecutive order) [Not an anagram - the letter order composing each little word must appear in the longer word, but the little words do not have to come in order of use as they do in together. Bonus points if they do...]

Who managed to use the most?

[Should simple compounds be excluded?] In her bedroom, the bed was so large it left no room for anything else. The path in the carpet leading to the closet was well-worn, as were the clothes it contained. [Should allusions to the phrase be allowed? (Generally better quality writing...)]

Should words with extra letters not part of any of the little words be allowed? Sheherazade

She contemplated her ad for the performance of Sheherazade in contentment for a moment. (z and e left unused)
Tags: wordplay

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