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Conflict? I Need a Conflict?

I made my characters too nicey-nice. Nineteen people were locked together in a large space for 18 days, and NOBODY had a fight. I have to go back and get some fisticuffs in there, and probably a few verbal sparing matches, as well.

I so dislike conflict personally, which, allowed to play through, can be sort of tough on plot lines, LOL!

Somehow, my recluse that was in the outline never made it into the character personality profiles, either...

My story prep stuff had job, age, height, some personal interests, but not anywhere near enough. I didn't realize I was going to write physiognomically sensitive sections, musical interests, etc. into the plot in integral fashion.

*******************from No Stone Unturned, Chapter 4 Aftermath

An outraged screech is followed by a thunder of thumps and thuds, culminating in the unmistakable sound of a body hitting the floor.

“What’s that noise? Who’s fighting? Lights or no lights, we’re not going to degenerate into rival street gang mentality! I’m treating this as if it were my classroom! Civility and common courtesy will prevail, even if I have to crack a few heads together first to get us all there,” sputters Arabelle angrily.

“I’m sorry,” Samantha says weakly. “When he tried to cop a serious grope, I went to hit him in the groin but took out his kneecap instead. To add insult to injury, all the poor guy had been attempting to do was collect my empty soup bowl.”

A contrite and sincere sounding apology from Samantha? Bet that’s a first for that termagant, as tough and hardened as she generally comes off, thinks Arabelle.

After a pregnant pause, Arabelle’s no nonsense voice inquires, “Who’d you lay out?”

“Eric,” groaned a pain-filled voice from the floor. “I was just heading to the bathroom to use the facilities. I figured with everyone down and stationary, I could risk a clear path to walk over erect instead of rolling around on the floor like an infant. I think I’m an unsuspecting victim of her erotic fant… nightmare.”

“And thus, no imaginary good deed goes unpunished,” supplies Kurt solemnly.


Following the process my writing seems to be taking in this book, the only description not done in dialogue, the first sentence starting with "Eric", now has a much longer bit following it to explain it, LOL! Ridiculous. I think I'll out the first generation of corrections in red, to track the writing process for later reference. I feel that I want to think about the thought process this work is taking.

My eighty-six year old mother is indirectly responsible for the substitution of termagant for a perfect, but gritty street word description of Samantha. She objected to the novel's first paragraph use of a common term for passing gas in the narrator's voice.

Last updated 12/2/10 - changed comes off generally to the smoother sounding generally comes off;
added data under the quote, explicating my writing process for this novel, which is slightly different from others I've done.
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