pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Virtual Sprint

I was a bit frustrated not to be able to get my posts to appear, but I could see the group (or more accurately, parts of them...) and hear what I thought of as the noise the wind makes when I've got the video camera out in the pasture to shoot the horses. (One of the correspondents said the noise was the sound of Mary's typing. I could not make what I was hearing sound like a click, however, so maybe I was not hooked in to what they were. All the talking was very faint and far off sounding.) I could hear Mary call time at the end of the second sprint, read the people's comments (Mary's as moderator, were in red) and could see Sydney.

When I first looked in, Sydney was out of her seat, standing before the camera, but not acting like someone who knew they were being filmed. Eventually, she pulled her hair back, put a twist on it, and sat back down, her stretching done. Seated, I sometimes got the top of her head, sometimes a plethora of ads.

It was not as good as being there, but four hours travel time for two hours of writing in a fun group is pretty silly, really.

I wrote with them for the last fifteen minute sprint, and typed a whopping 261 words, bringing my total for the month so far to 15,204. That means I've edited too much! I still have 1466 words to hit today's "break even at the end of the month" goal.
Tags: nano

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