pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Distracting Myself from NANO

Monday, I start the National Novel Writer's Month race to 50,000 words in a new project written between Nov. 1 and 30th. I can't decide if the title should be fuller (No Stone Unturned) or shorter (Stoned)... good for a laugh, at any rate.

My MC (main character) developed a name today: Arabelle. I always have to pick something none of the relatives have used, or change it in some way. (One book had a secondary character named Paul Peter, abbreviated as PP in conversation, but never just called "Paul", one of my cousin's names.)

The story will open with an unknown number of people in a pitch black room of unknown location and size, all of whom have been kidnapped off the streets and stashed there by people unknown, for reasons unknown.

The NANO juice is really flowing!

How to distract myself? The books I checked out from the library just keep triggering jump-off points... BAD CHOICE.

But while I was there, I paid 50¢ at the local library for a cool footbridge 1000 piece puzzle, and just finished it about 2:00 am. Not like I'm compulsive, or anything. It had a stream showing colored stones in the bed, the footbridge with the vertical supports, trees in fall leaf, white barked trees that gave vertical lines, and huge rounded rocks pocking out of the water. Beautiful, and EASY... It had one missing piece, which I outlined, giving color and markings... Of course, the outline is a pen's width smaller than the actual piece.

I set up the Indian chief puzzle, also 1000 pieces, that I'd worked on back in May. It is very slow going. I have all the pieces of his face except the completely outlined nose and eyes, and CAN'T FIND IT!

The box is one of those new ones that opens at the top. It had been lying on its side most of the time, back against the north wall, under the protection of the telephone stand. Frustrated with beadwork that seemed to fit nowhere, I fished it out last night... Two Faced had rolled one of her purple balls into it, then a spider built a web in front of it. Good for another laugh.
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