pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The Joys of Shopping for Clothes

When I came back from taking care of my youngest sister for a week, I was pleasantly surprised to find a huge box in my mailbox filled with such lovely blouses. Mom had told me that my next youngest sister was going to be sending me some items that would be a sort of birthday present.

The top two were gorgeously silky to the touch, and everything looks very nice. I have tried on several (look at me, all dressed up for the cats and horses... LOL!) Such a thoughtful thing to do!

The red one is really my perfect set of colors. If I were still in school, I'd use the black underneath, then the red as an overblouse on "red and black" days.

Years ago, my youngest sister went to garage sales, called all excited, and bought me 9 t-shirts at 50¢ each. I am just now facing the fact that I need to give in and toss some of them away. (In fact, she tossed one herself the day before surgery, with great glee. At least she refrained from ripping it off my body... ) Most of what you sent will suit around home as far more stylish replacements.

Before thes surgery, we did my most hated thing: SHOP. I needed new bras and a pair of shoes. What a mess! Although my body size remains unchanged, the bra I wanted (same style as before -- I'm such a daring person. I want my comfort clothes) was about 7" TOO SHORT to go around my body!

The clerk was a tough-looking gray-haired male who could have passed for a roustabout far easier than a lingerie clerk. He'd acknowledged having a comment about the sizing from someone else earlier. When I'd first come out, he'd opened the drawer, measured the offending garment with a carpenter's style tape, and discovered it to be 24", not 38". I tried a bigger size. Still no go. I brought out my old bra, we measured it, then calculated the difference.

Say what? Another old salt kind of man was deep in conversation with the clerk, chatty type, not business. I had on a big floppy shirt, and took the offending "properly labeled" bra out, holding it up to demonstrate that it no way reached. I had it hanging upside down below my breasts, the beige definitely contrasting with the dark blue of my school logo shirt. The second man too one look and said, "I'm out of here."

The clerk gamely measured the new one, recalculated, and got on with business without a discernible reaction. I bought a 46, but should have had a 48, I think. They did not carry that, although he said the bras went up to 50". Afterward, my sister and I really laughed, the situation was just so bizarre.

I wanted three, but they only had one in stock, so we ended up going to Kohl's, where they were on special with an extra 20% off for using a Kohl card. Two for the price of one nearly compared to the one from Walmart, but the floor show was not nearly as entertaining.
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