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Adventures in Shopping, Part Two (at least)

The bamboo flooring for the library is in... but. There always seems to be a "but"... It is in Des Moines. It is damagable by water. My pick-up cab is too small to contain all the ordered squares. I am unsure that they will fit on the leather seats of the Accura. I'm supposed to pick it up within seven days of receiving the postcard...

So I called. I needed to know how big the 12 packs were, and how much they weighed. "Let me check," said the lady on the other end, and I hung on until someone on their end hung us up. Great. I did at least get to explain that I needed dry weather on the entire route home. IK called to say that the water supply for both Ames and Des Moines had been overrun with flood water and polluted. Great. No wonder she accepted what I'd said with no comment. Previous Adventure
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