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Energy Expenditure

In The Naked Scientists Podcast (iTunes U) for Obesity, Appetite, Exercise and Weight Loss (Naked Scientists 06.01.08 [Jan. 6, 2008] - Obesity, Appetite, Exercise and Weight Loss), Len Almond, a visiting expert, tackles the question of weight control head on. [This podcast covers diverse subjects, and bills itself as "science with a sense of humor." Two narrators interview guests and present material, Dr. Chris Smith, from Cambridge University, England, and Dr. Cat (whose further ID I can't remember, but I'll post it here if I hear it.)

Writes Chris, "We strip science down and lay the facts bare answering your science questions, interviewing experts, and catching up with the latest science news stories."]

Participants: Steve O'Reily and Len Almond, Dr. Chris and Dr. Cat.

Dr. Cat kicks it off with, "Why have I put on weight after porking out over Christmas, and what can I do about it? ... Why is it that some people can eat chips and everything, and they're still skinny as rakes?"

Dr. Cat contributes, "There's some little statistics we've got here about the calories burned in different types of exercise... If you do for an hour, the average ten stone [10 stone = 140 pounds] person can burn 378 calories cycling for an hour, 580 calories running for an hour, 330 calories downhill skiing, 266 calories weight training, about 400 doing aerobics, yoga's only about 140, swimming's 460, golf's 160, and apparently having sex for an hour is about 360 calories."

(All three chuckle)

Dr. Chris Smith quips, "I think it depends on how active your sex life..." (everyone talks and laughs at once) Dr. Cat, "Well, yeah, that's an hour, not three minutes."

Chris, "Touche!"
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