pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Water Adventure

I had an appointment to check the brakes on the truck in Centerville at 8:00 Tuesday. I left home early enough that I should have arrived five minutes early, or so, complete with book to read while waiting.

However, as I drove down to Highway 2, I noted near-full creeks abounded. Once I reached 2, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was NOT presently raining, and the sun even peeked out. As I came to the outskirts of Centerville, however, I saw a line of trucks and cars, no oncoming traffic, and thought, "Oh, no, an accident."

Cars began turning around on the shoulder and heading back west. Gradually, I got to the curve and could see -- NOT an accident, but a dump truck sitting crosswise, deliberately blocking both lanes as water rushed over the highway behind it. I've been here since 1976 and never heard about that spot flooding before.

Car after car reversed direction in the empty lane/shoulder, but not a single semi tried it... I didn't know what to think. Finally, a local set of plates came up on the right shoulder, crossed in the big gap in front of me, and headed back west. I flagged him down, and tried to visualize the roads he described...

He got confused, then said, "Follow me." We went west to the Country Village vet clinic, which is at the south end of a quarry road I've gone to for rock, then east before we hit the quarry, then north, and east, north and east, ending up north of Centerville on Highway 5 at the Dale church. I waved my thanks and tooled into town, crossing a bridge nearly flush with rain water...

Although it was 9:15 by then, the tire place was half staffed -- blocked roads on three sides took its toll. The owner promised me that he'd be able to work me in anyway.

The test drive confirmed that is was NOT the actual brakes, but a hose leading to a new booster. Replacing that $2.00 hose for $10 put a smile on my face. Afterward, they plotted me a way out of town, which I used after dropping the library books in the book box, but when I got there, a patrolman sent me back north.

I retraced my path through the labyrinth of gravel back roads to the corner by the vet's... A patrol car now slanted across the highway sending people on the gravel route officially. I asked if Promise City was still open. He assured me that I'd be okay yet if it didn't rain heavily again. The clouds were back in strength.

Both bridged creeks were a bit closer to the road, but the wetlands were doing their work well.

Upon my return, I had driftwood within a foot of the road fence in the front yard of the old house. I was very thankful I'd opened the stud pen fence by the driveway... the corner on the high side is half way up the hill. -- It gave OMYNO an escape route when the water flashed. He was in the center of that lot when I returned, high and dry, so to speak. Had I not done that, he'd have been at least belly deep in water like the farmer's cows reported in Wednesday's paper. That's the little creek that flushed Pandemonium Destiny through the culvert, but NO was up in the yard, not in the pasture where he would have access to the creek.
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