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My Truck Wandered Home around 2 a.m. Saturday

With a slight assist from my brother, Baby Blue Ram wandered home from Raleigh. Sigh.

We met the plane in DM and saw him off to Raleigh... It should NOT take him 18-19 hours, nor should a highway patrolman. bored with his late night shift, pull him over for a wee chat.

"Are you going to ticket me for speeding?"


"May I drive on, then?"

"Nah, I want to run the plates first."

Since he has the same last name as the truck's owner, which he is en route to deliver it to, his fear that it is a stolen vehicle seems preposterous. Smile. DO NOT call him snaggletooth. Do not quip, "Sorry about your teeth, sir," no matter how polite your tone of voice is...

My brother is always such a kick...
Tags: family
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