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3:16 a.m., Two Faced delivered the first kitten (note: still no idea what special word is used for that act) on the living room carpet at my feet. Before the afterbirth made its appearance, I praised her and moved her to the top of the washer where I could reach to clean up the mess. After she'd disposed of the afterbirth, I moved her into the igloo, which I removed from my room and placed on top of the washer in a clean place.

When she'd licked the kitten all over, I moved it and her into the igloo and cleaned up the top of the washer.

She'd been licking Spelunker's and Jabberwock's heads all night, which I took as a good sign.

She's still so huge, she can't reach her own rear end with her tongue, yet.

3:45, second yellow kitten. She's still in the igloo, but panting.

4:28, third yellow kitten. She's seriously panting, overheated in the snug igloo, so I brought in the blue milk crate with holes in the sides and bottom from the back porch, lined it with paper, and placed her and all three kittens in it. She immediately picked up one and hopped out, going back into the igloo.

[I fell asleep. She did not.]

By 9 a.m., she had produced a black with white paws up the legs a bit and a gray tiger tortoise shell.

She still looks huge to me... Both boys slept with me, did not drink water, or use the litter box, but from 4-9 is not long enough to be a hardship in either department. When I opened the door, neither chose to enter her domain.
Tags: animal antics

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