pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Feeding Kittens

All five of the kittens orphaned when my neighbor accidentally ran over the mother with the tractor are still alive. They adopted Where'sMeKilt as their new "mother". He'd take their box off the kitchen table into his bedroom overnight so he'd hear their cries and either feed or poop them as required. Sometimes, they seemed to want neither. The standard joke was that he needed to give them a vigorous licking a la a mother cat...

He deigned to take one with him when he and Wolfy left yesterday afternoon.

I fed them around 3 a.m., and again at 7, which was doable sleep-wise. The directions say they can start going up to 8 hours in between next, but they're not there, yet, so no Des Moines meeting for me today.

I've been trying to encourage Two Faced to lick them, but she has not yet. She is approaching with curiosity, then running off if one toddles toward her. I keep praising her whenever she interacts with them, as late June or early July, she'll have her own batch to mother.
Tags: animal antics
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