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What I want to see in my coverage of 911

The librarian came in to inquire if I had heard the news shortly after the first class of the day had begun.

I tried to conduct business as usual, but before the end of that hour, it proved to be impossible.

Someone tuned in live coverage via the Fox network. Since I do not have commercial tv at home, I do not even know what the different channels offer.

I want to see a shot of the sky line WITH the trade centers alive and well. I have never seen one. I have what it looks like falling, what it looks like with a jet swooping in to line itself up squarely with it, then collapsing in upon itself indelibly stamped on my mind.

Interviews with a yellow hard-hatted construcion worker driving a van full of others who had been on a nearby rooftop and saw it all. He was a hard-boiled looking character, had he been cast in a movie, but, in real life, stereotypes don't work. He was powerful as he said, "Me and the super"... and went on to describe bodies falling out of the air. When asked about his feelings, he ended up up with a heartfelt, "What would you feel/think?"

Coming home after dark, I heard an interview with someone with a structural engineer from a university in CA. His name sounded Arabic, and his accent was foreign, but his command of English was perfect. He had a gift for making the complex simple and easy to understand. He called the video of the collapse a classic example of... He explained about the strength of the steel under conditions of 1000 degree temperatures. One interesting comment he made what that the buildings did NOT collapse because of the impact. They were structurally sound and strong. He named the type of construction they were, talked about the qualities of that type of construction, and then pinpointed the changes that led the towers to fall into itself. He explained the weight that the upper floors would have as their weakened steel became brittle and gave hit the unweakened steel below.

This type of vivid, yet comprehensible, explanation creates a feeling of security in my mind, as after the earth quake damage in Turkey, a lot of the blame went to faulty construction, and the use of faulty materials. So, I was relieved that this was not the case.

The interview with the pilot who was talking about what the flight crews had to go through -- even with a gun to their heads, I can't think they would be made to fly into the side of a building. The way his voice caught, the way he came back strong. That one goes in.

The interview with the sister of "Mark" who talked on a telephone on a plane that had been hijacked...

The reporter who was talking to the people on the street as they ran from the area.

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