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Life With the Boys

With barely any prodding, Where'sMeKilt picked out a card to send to his mother, who had sent him one about not getting hurt, with his insurance card inside... He reached into the stuffed shoe box of cards and pulled out PATCH, PATCH, PATCH, the favorite '"Get Well" card for our family since its discovery long ago. A Leaning Tree card picturing a bunk house, cowboy darning a sock, rimless glasses pulled down his nose; inside "At our age, everything is just patch, patch patch. Hope you're on the mend soon" or something similar.

Remember the letter, Sis, that we all helped AH draft after he played in the creek (he was warned not to), found a snake there (he was warned that there were poisonous snakes in the area, but that I had never seen one), and got bit in the hand by it? Type unknown... We did one of those "Letter From Camp" style things by Allen Sherman.

Between all three of us, Where'sMeKilt was able to do that same thing for his mother... (We'd just watched A Knight's Tale, and saw that wonderful scene where Chaucer guides young Will in creating a lovely letter to his fair maiden.) It was pretty funny. We'd picked some lovely wild flowers growing on the banks of the road to Centerville where they once seeded down crown vetch and the yellow blossom alfalfa as ground cover. The crown vetch seems to be gone now, but the yellow alfalfa is still doing well, and this year, all along the route into C'ville were violet, lavender and white flowers (all the same type) with needle-like leaves and long relatively thick stalks. We planned to mail some to our mothers.

Where'sMeKilt had to dip twice to get this card for mom... She'll get it in a few days. Kitten playing in a pot that HAD violet flowers with a yellow center (the ones we have are not the same type, leaf shape very different, some yellow, but not like those pictured... lavender ribbon with purple spots tied in a bow around the pot, bits of soil scattered all over. Inside, cat paw prints walk diagonally across the page. "May your day blossom with joy!"

Wolfy hasn't caved yet, but he did stay at home last Sunday while Where'sMeKilt and I went on up to Ames to the writing meeting. It was Mother's Day, so attendance was very light. Tomorrow we go back to Des Moines for a Science Fiction conference (started Fri., but our part is the SF/F writer's panels scheduled for 12-3 on Sunday.) We get free passes in. Where'sMeKilt is monitoring one of the sessions. His novel for the critique circle is an Sci Fi adventure.

Wolfy is writing again after a long, long dry spell. I am reading/critique-ing the novel fragments he wrote at age 14, from a world he imagined at age 9. Awesome!
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