pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

New Housemate -- Jabberwock

SG, one of the critique group, married last fall, then with her new husband, rescued a three year old Siamese neutered male house cat who had been in a shelter for nine months. He yowled the entire trip home, SG revealed, and the entire first night.

"He's a very vocal guy." She went on to explain that her husband turned out to be extremely allergic to cats. With just one old family friend, he was fine, but with the addition of C(i forgot the rest of his common men's name -- perhaps S will jump in and remind me), the allergies escalated to the point where poor C needed a new home.

I followed her home from the meeting and picked him up. I asked if he knew his name.

"He hasn't had it that long. It's okay to change his name." By the time I'd driven from West Des Moines to Indianola, he was dubbed Jabberwock...

I began answering him every time he talked. I kept changing the noise I answered with until I found one that slowed down his rate of response...

Before I got home, he was far more quiet, content in my lap for a while, hopping over the back of the seat to sit in the igloo, or climbing back into his crate.

(to be continued)

Disclaimer: This post was "written" while in transit from DM to home, but not typed up until I was safely at home.
Tags: animal antics
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